Testing out the video feature!

Video update #1

I’m so excited because I have been selected to test out the new video feature on Substack! So here is my first ever video and I hope you’re able to hear what I’m saying because I’m only using the built-in microphone on my computer… Next time I’m using this feature I will connect my HD webcam and real microphone so the quality will be better.

And also, since I’m not a native English speaker and I have no script for this testing, I apologize for the errors in my speech…

But for now, WOW, I was selected for this feature and I’m so excited about what I can do with it in the future! I’m also honored that they chose me to try this out. I will do another update as soon as I can with my better equipment. And then I will actively talk about a topic too of course ;)

Just a few things of what I have in mind for this feature:

  • The video updates will just be a few minutes in length, like a general social media post in the format.

  • I will sometimes edit the videos beforehand and upload them, sometimes I will just record directly on Substack. It depends on what I have to say.

  • Sometimes I will use video updates for discussing the topics I’m already writing about on this channel. But sometimes I use video to amplify the topic or just as a complement to the writing.

  • And sometimes I will do video updates as a standalone thing where I’m just talking about different topics without that much writing.

I hope you’ll be as excited as I am!


Tricia Joy

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Tricia Joy