Tales of Tricia Joy
Witchery With Tricia Joy
Trailer & Introduction #1

Trailer & Introduction #1

Witchery with Tricia Joy Episode #1.

I’m so happy to announce that my podcast “Witchery with Tricia Joy” now officially is launched!

Here is the introduction and trailer.

“Witchery with Tricia Joy” is an English podcast about spirituality, philosophy, and personal stories. In this first episode, I talk a bit about why I’m starting this podcast and what it’s going to be about.

This podcast will, at least for now, only be available on Substack. You can however add the rss to your phone and it will appear in any podcast application. In the future I might publish it on Apple, Google and Spotify etc.

Please note that this podcast is its own project and won’t replace my Swedish podcast “Vardagspsyke” :)

Have a wonderful evening!


Tricia Joy.

Tales of Tricia Joy
Witchery With Tricia Joy
[Spiritual Podcast] In this podcast Tricia Joy explores the topics of witchcraft, paganism, spirituality, metaphysics, and other philosophies and beliefs. "I talk about everything in this podcast that I myself had wanted in a podcast!". This podcast is a good place for beginner witches as well as for more seasoned practitioners. And for everyone else - as long as you have an interest in spirituality and philosophy!
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