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What is this publication about?

This is a publication with my tales in the form of articles and audio (mini podcasts) about my spiritual path, philosophical thoughts which I have developed, my memoirs and life experiences, poetry, and overall my writing and also excerpts from my books.

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Down below you can see a bullet list of what you can expect from this publication.

What you can expect to find here.

  • Memoirs and my life experiences; because I want to raise awareness about living with disabilities and PTSD/DID due to trauma and such.

  • Philosophies and philosophical thoughts I have developed through the years. I see myself as a modern philosopher so this publication will definitely be packed with thoughts.

  • Educational content about my spiritual path, which is a witchy pagan path.

  • Poetry and other writings.

  • Articles about psychology, self-care and personal development.

  • Articles about education and being a lifelong learner.

These are my 6 main content categories for this publication.

Most articles in this publication are in English, but there are some even in Swedish. When written in Swedish there is a sign like this one: [Swedish post] at the top of the post.


Witchery with Tricia Joy

A spiritual podcast that comes out weekly here on Substack.

Publication languages.

As written above, this publication is mainly in English but sometimes also in Swedish. No other languages will be present, except perhaps in the Study Hub category where I might write in other languages for study inspiration purposes.

Lately, I have been writing even in Swedish tho, so I guess you can say this is a bilingual publication; in English and Swedish.

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Who’s behind this publication?

Tricia Joy.

I’m Tricia Joy, a musician, visual artist and writer (author and poet) from Sweden. I’m currently studying psychology and neuroscience and I’m also very interested in philosophy and spirituality.

My life hasn’t been easy, I’ve been through severe trauma so many times that they caused me to develop DID, which stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder, earlier known as multiple personality disorder. I have gone through hospitalization, sexual assault and domestic violence; which were later classified as torture-like experiences towards me, stated by medical professionals… Because of that, I want to become a therapist and help others with similar stories and that’s why I’m currently studying at Cady in Gothenburg to achieve my dream of making a difference with my story.

This is also why I decided to start this publication; to share my story, raise awareness and make a difference.

I’m also autistic and due to psychological stress - because of all the trauma - I also developed Rheumatoid Arthritis at a young age (I was 27 when I got it and normally this illness appears when you’re older if you have the genetics to get it…). These are also two conditions I want to raise awareness about, and also the link between mental illness and physical illness.

Of course, I also want a place to share my writings since I’m an independent author and poet. So I want to combine all these things here in this publication.

Trix Creative Studio

Trix Creative Studio is my own publisher, and under which I publish my creativity online. This publication is part of my creative projects under Trix Creative Studio.

My official website.


My official blog.


My writings online.

On the links below you can find where I’m sharing my writings, for example ongoing projects, poetry and books!

BHOOKS: www.bhooks.com/user/triciajohansson

MIRAQUILL: www.miraquill.com/triciajohansson

WRITERS CAFÈ: www.writerscafe.org/triciajohansson

More links coming soon!

Ongoing book project.

My first English full-length ongoing book project - and its drafts are public - and can be found on Bhooks. It’s a book with memoirs and poetry as well as my own philosophical thoughts! The cool thing is that this book is developing all the time and so do the drafts. So that means you can follow the progress on the link below in real-time.

Make sure to read and also to check back on it, since I develop the chapters all the time and add new things to the book frequently.


The book cover for “Stories of a Whimsical Girl: Memoirs, Poetry and Philosophical thoughts”.

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